There is only one thing in the world which can unite a whole nation or people of the same nationality living elsewhere, that same thing can unite seemingly random groups of people and give them a goal and a belief to work towards to. That thing is sport, sport has more followers than anything else on Earth. Sport has the power to make a stadium roar at a single moment and also to quieten an entire city. Sport is now a part of our daily lives. Imagine yourself without a team to support and without a great reason to get together with your friends, without screaming in joy at Dhoni’s sixes and shrieking in excitement at magic conjured up by Lionel Messi. There are negative aspects of sport too(addiction, violence, distraction), but the positive aspects outweigh them by quite a margin. Sport divides the world into further groups. In fact, the rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid has divided the whole world into two groups, Barca fans and Madrid fans. Sport is the religion all of us worship and if you think about it, no religion can cause millions of people to cry tears of joy at the same time, no religion can intensify rivalries and introduce competition to our everyday lives and no religion has the power to call upon all of its believers at once!



This book is the story of the boy who changed football in the modern era, Lionel Messi has won every individual and team award available on the planet from the UEFA Champions League to the Ballon D’Or. This book is now an outdated version, it ends at the 2013/14 season, the season after which FC Barcelona signed Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior. Barcelona also won the treble in the 2014/15 season. This book provides an acute description of Messi’s journey from a star at Newell’s to one of the game’s greatest players at Barcelona. His ups and downs, greatest and worst moments and footballing magic are brilliantly described in this book by Luca Caioli.