Yesterday, i was in Delhi(India), no cabs were available and we had to take an auto. Our auto driver was friendly and humble to the core. He told us his life story, he had failed in tenth grade and had been unable to continue his education, he was not deterred by his own educational failure and he told us that he had given everything so that his son could be educated and have a good life. The driver told us that he had done everything from driving autos the whole day to selling handkerchiefs on the street. He did not let his failure deter him and he did everything for his son to excel. After the short episode, there were waves of peacefulness and tranquillity surging through me, as well as a fierce emotion to give my best at academics in school. The auto driver’s name was Mr.Malik and now his son is a software engineer in Bangalore, his son has also worked in Canada and Delhi and has a promising future ahead. I hope that the next time you go to Delhi, take an auto and try to find this Mr.Malik, it amazes me to think how a partly-uneducated man has principles and traditions well exceeding an auto driver and how he is more humble than 95% of people i have met in my life.


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