DARK MATTER – The best book in the world

Is Dark Matter the best book in the world? I love to read books based on scientific theories, specifically ones which are based on explaining scientific theories. My all time favourite is ‘The Black Hole War’ by Leonard Susskind. Blake Crouch has basically merged science into fiction, he has created a theory(the multiverse theory based on different scenarios of a single moment) and has perfectly matched it with the story. The story not only sucks the reader into itself but is also a fabulous way of explaining the theory as well as portraying the plot and the emotions of the characters. This is the best attempt by an author to merge two completely different genres into one formidable story I have met till now. Giants such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games out shadow this book but all of them are based on relatively fictitious worlds and plots whereas Dark Matter is a bit more reality-based and let’s face it, how do we know that Blake Crouch’s multiverse theory is not correct?



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